What’s Goin’ on?

(for marvin April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984)

Reenah L. Golden

You were once my Pride & Joy, living
somewhere ear the edge of heaven
must have sent you from above.
We danced in your butter milk midnight love
under inner city blue skies
and unspoken lies.
We lived in the funky space
reincarnation of  here, my dear.
Just like music,
can’t refuse it.
I’ll Be Doggone if I let you go without a fight.
Let you slip from my memory like you
did from our sight in one foolish night
I remember a time when we held on tight
for life
Ain’t it Peculiar?
How we love?
How we live?
For a moment, a season, without reason
I guess That’s the Way Love is
We trace the steps of strangers
Planning our routes around danger
Please my dear tell me.
If I Could only Build My Whole
World Around You
I would, without a thought
The way your Precious Love lit up a room
your smile tasted of freshly baked bread.
All I Need to Get By.
All I want is to try and learn
from your pain.
A Troubled Man, who stands next to
A long unbroken chain of disdain.
Many would say we Got to Give It Up
That there’s no plan for redemption
No chance for reparation,
we are broken things now.
Faux fur and skin… soul-less dolls
fake painted porcelain
But Ain’t Nothing Like the Real
Thing, baby.
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved,
and you are, Nature Boy, so
naturally fly high.
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
That your secrets are the reasons why
buried beneath the mountains,
high enough to discourage Mercy
Mercy me,
the Ecology of you
Is undiscoverable, inexplicable,
Irresistible, Sexual
Healing my permanent scars
Temporarily for the seconds
Between the notes in your stride
Along for the ride
We listen and quietly
ask our selves…
goin’ on?

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© Copyright Reenah L. Golden. 2008

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