Digging for Gold in Barren Soil

Reenah L. Golden

I am creating
a world in my work
that can nurture the seeds
of warriors     born for this time and these troubles
born    of our hope.
 I am creating
in my veins      a world
that bleeds ammunition
to fuel weapons of specific destruction
fuel for permanent change
I am building a nation from
the broken pieces of precious stones
salvaged from rubble and trash heaps
stepped over repeatedly and mistaken for
irrelevant actions and empty gestures.
I dream of a groundbreaking ceremony upon holy ground
consecrated by the ancestors
in a time before,       when manual labor was revered
and serious thinkers wore costumes
for the mutual entertainment and amusement
of children and adults.
With steady hands at dusk
we will cut the purple velvet ribbon
and dance barefoot until it rains,
in celebration and solidarity.
We will bare our breasts
to the waiting moon,
make salat    and prepare for a holy pilgrimage
of the mind,
our mantra will be of peace and reciprocity.
without fear we will welcome
death and deliverance.
I want to find a prayer                      that raises the sun,
a rhythm                 that when hummed
awakens the divinity of mankind.
I want my creations to be pleasing to God
like water and air,
like Jesus of Nazareth’s works
and obedience.
Not like blood sacrifice
and primitive force.
Send me a weary tree song
carried by an ancient gale.
Allow me to make love
to its meaning and unEarth the lesson
beneath its touch.
I want to know the secrets
that only water knows
and instructed on real change
and flexibility.
I seek             to understand
the molecular structure
of a maple leaf
and the thought pattern
of the moon.
If I could only taste the air
and decipher the distinct
flavor of resistance
I think I would know
what Mary knew,
the private thoughts of Eve,
the secret longing of Adam
and finally      be at rest
to commune in
with the Gods.

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© Copyright Reenah L. Golden. 2007

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