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Black Coffee; the Poets’ cafe {Behind the 4th Wall} 

Based on the original play, Black Coffe; the Poet’s cafe written by Reenah L. Golden, this is a live workshop theatre production in tribute to the poets, musicians and art of the Black Arts Movement with music, spoken word and dance. This show incorporates lecture, performance, improvisation and audience participation to bring the audience behind the fourth wall of theatre; closer to the artist, closer to the art! If you have an audience curious about the behind-the-scenes process when crazy artists get together and create – this is for you!
Collaborating artists include Reenah L. Golden (Lead), Musicians – Steve Humphrey, Jimmy Highsmith, Jr., Denise Reese/End of June, and Dancers – Guy Thorne, n’ Jelle Gage, Niema Atkins and/or other members of futurpointe dance
Run time 1 – 1.75 hours (customizable based on venue and audience)
*Suitable for all ages.


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By Nilaja Sun

Performed by Reenah L. Golden

A tour-de-force exploration of one teaching artist’s attempt to engage a class of underachieving students in a tough Bronx high school. Actress Reenah L. Golden transforms into the teachers, students, parents, administrators, janitors and security guards who inhabit our schools and shape the future of America. An exuberant and devastatingly funny show about the collaborative power of the arts – and the influence one dynamic, determined educator can have in altering the lives of her students – forever.

“In a class by itself” Washington Post

“Reenah is like a chameleon. She switches very quickly from one character to another, one topic to another. You need someone with that mercurial nature and an investment in the truth to take on the many characters of this play. She has to hit this huge range of acting,” notes Timothy Bond, Director and Producing Artistic Director of Syracuse Stage. “Reenah is the perfect actress to take on this extraordinary task because of her experience as a teaching artist in inner city schools, her deep commitment to reaching the next generation, her work as a social activist, and her transformative performance abilities as an actress and spoken word artist. Reenah has an energy level that electrifies a room and can lift an audience. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her on this most important piece.” (Syracuse Stage 2010)

Has been performed for delighted patrons and sold out audiences including:

– Geva Theatre (2009, 2013)
– Syracuse Stage (2010)
– Kelly Strayhorn Theatre (2012)
– Rochester City School District Teachers
– Indiana University NW Urban Teacher Education Program
– Nazareth College Center for Urban Education

Run time 70 minutes (plus, community talkback)
*Suitable for ages (13 and up).

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