Bring on the Daffodils

(a spring equinox poem)
By Reenah L. Golden

reenah g porch toes
Bring on the Daffodils.
Dainty, yellow daffodils
to fill the gaps of brown dirt
and weedgrass in the vacant lot.
Bring on the tepid breeze
            easy and guiltless
exhaling carelessly across time,
bending the confines of reality.
It is my privilege to welcome these strangers
into my residence
despite their indifference,
to sit at my Sunday table
and feast on the food of my existence.
If time allows me a moment’s pause
to find my breath still trapped in the mystery of life.
I will conjure up a melody from my ancient past
a honey dipped heart song
to be sung for re-birthed lovers
and finally
my Daffodils
will grow again.
© Copyright by Reenah L. Golden.  April 2006. All rights reserved.

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